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7 Most Expensive Gaming Chairs in The World

by  Jone -  Last Updated On 21st April 2021
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You might be wondering why some professionals in Play Stations do not get tired of spending time in front of a computer. The secret is the high quality of the chairs that these individuals invest in. Gaming chairs are one of the most fundamental factors in winning a video game.

 The pro-long sitting involved in the activity can result in severe back pain if the sitting posture is not cozy. There are various gaming chairs designed for your comfort while playing, but comfort comes at a cost. Here is a list of the most expensive gaming chairs you can choose from to guarantee a good amazing long gaming sessions.

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7 Most Expensive Chairs (2021 Update)

1. IWJ20 Imperator Works Computer Chair :

IWJ20 One of the most expensive gaming chairs in the world. Most of the gaming chairs have almost the same features. However, Imperator Works engineered a different brand, IWJ20. It comes with a different set of approaches in design and technology.

Of course, the high-end gaming chair is exceptionally cozy but with some additional features that put its ergonomic functionality a notch higher. It is by far the most prominent and expensive gaming chair with an adjustable screen holder in front. The screen holder and the adjustable leg holders make it unique. Its uniqueness comes with a lot of advantages that are not common.



It has an adjustable screen holder that can support up to three screens.

A racing style car seat which can tilt up to an angle of 180 degrees holding a bodyweight of 400 pounds

The gaming chair has a durable acrylic armrest of 12mm thickness and a reclining angle.

The seats are made of PU leather upholstery that coats its high-carbon steel frame

It has a movable keyboard tray that gives way in and out of the chair.

It also has electrified massage system and leg rest plates 


The gaming chair costs $$$$ which is extremely expensive.

The size and complexity of the chair makes it difficult to move from one place to another.  

2. GXDHOME E-Sport Gaming Chair, PU Leather:

An executive gaming chair like GXDHOME can improve your chances of winning a video game due to the excellent comfort in its design. Some of the unique features incorporated in its manufacturing include:
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It has a high-quality PU leather seat with evenly distributed perforations to enhance breathability.
The upholstery leather material packages a high-density foam padding capable of releasing wet gasses for a conducive sitting allowance.

The backrest design adds to its ergonomic design and functionality through its bionic curve like posture to accommodate the back at a comfortable position. The bionic curve serves as a pressure reliever from the shoulder and spine.

The expensive gaming chair which is capable of making a 360 degrees rotation has a lockable system that keeps it a particular angle of rotation of your choice. This offers you a comfortable gaming experience.


The armrest design has a rotating lift that allows adjustment of the arms in position.

The executive chair has a front lever at the base of the seat to trigger adjustment of the chair upwards and downwards.

The backrest has lever just at the rare end of the base of the chair that triggers a tilt between 90 and 150 degrees.

It has a five star base with non-corrosive wheels at the end of each base. The wheels allow smooth movement of the chair.

The heavy-duty scratch free wheels are capable of supporting a weight of up to 400kg.  


It is costly since it costs approximate of $$$$ that is only affordable for guys paying the premium price.  

3. Noble chair epic gaming chair

A German-based company known as Noble chair is responsible for the manufacture of one of the most expensive gaming chairs in the world. The Epic gaming chair first featured in the market in 2016. The art of engineering design depicted in the Epic chairs is a masterpiece with a refinement of highest quality. Like every other product, Noble chair Epic Chair also has some merits and demerits about its design even though it ranks the top in gaming chairs.

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Under the leather coating, the epic chair has a steel frame and an aluminum base attached to a hydraulic gas lift. The lift allows the upward and downward adjustment of the gaming chair.

The finishing of the backrest and other sitting areas of the chair characterize a decoration of diamond pattern stitching.


It has Nappa Leather, PU leather, and Real Leather seats with sufficient perforations for air circulation.

The engineering of the gaming chair allows it to support up to a weight of 265 pounds.

The backrest of the chair has a height that can comfortably support a body height of up to 6’2” from 5’5.”

According to research, Noble chairs makes the tallest gaming chair than any other company.

The epic chair provides comfort-ability akin to that of a car seat. The manufacturer ensures that the chair comes with two pillows for headrest and
lumbar support.

The chair also has an adjustable armrest equipped with 4 D techniques to support the elbow and forearms with the intent of releasing pressure on your shoulders.

It also has a flexible backrest capable of adjustment from 90 to 135 degrees.

The Epic chair has ridges at the sitting edge to hold your legs in position while playing hence adds to its ergonomic functionality.

The German brand also has a two-year warranty. 


The Noble chair Epic chair is costly. It goes for $$$, which is not affordable for the majority of people.

Compared to other companies that offer up to a 5-year warranty for standard chairs, the two-year warranty on the chair is concise.  

4. SIDIZ T50 AIR Marvel Spider-Man Edition

T50 AIR Marvel Spider-Man Edition Gaming chair is a product of the SIDIZ brand. This chair is the #1 best seller in South Korea. Not only does this chair look fancy but it feels great. The construction holding the back to the base is good and the cushion of the gaming chair is the best that I’ve ever used.


PU Leather Cushion is extremely comfortable compared to most cloth and mesh cushions

Full adjustable features are as extensive as the Embody/Leap from HM/SC

Quality of base and casters solid

Great shipping packaging

Somewhat pre-assembled, took me all of 5-10 minutes to finish

Arrived almost a week faster than expected, representative reached out to notify shipment. 


Not a big fan of the instructions manual; there are two of them and neither of them specifies the differences between the bolts I had to use for the arms and the base.  

5.  AKRacing Masters Series Gaming Chair:

Looking for a comfortable gaming room chair can very challenging, but here is a hint for what will give you the high-end gaming experience. AKRacing Master is one of a kind that comes with distinctive features that place it at the top in the list of gaming chairs. The master series produces three models, which are Premium, Max, Pro-Hot. However, this article will focus more on the premium model.

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It has an ergonomic functionality that allows it to provide comfortable support through an adjustable headrest and lumbar support.

The AKRacing Master Series has premium qualities even though there are some pros and cons that come with its manufacturing design.


AKRacing Master Premium series gaming chair has a metal frame made of steel buried in stain-resistant PU leather.

The high-end chair has an advanced tilt mechanism that allows the 4D armrests adjustment in four directions.

The advanced mechanism also gives a 12 degrees angle of tilt that is lockable.

The design of the gaming chair allows it to support a load of up to 149.6kg.

The frame of the chair is capable of making upward and downward adjustment due to the class 4 gas lift at the base of the chair.

The manufactures of the gaming chair give a five-year warranty which is suitable for a standard chair.

The AKRacing Master Premium series has very remarkable qualities even though there are some pros and cons that come with its manufacturing design.  


AKRacing Master might the most comfortable gaming chair, but the pricing is too high. The gaming chair goes for approximately $$$.  

6. Vertagear S-Line 2000 Gaming Chair

Vertagear S-Line is one of the best gaming chairs that any professional video game payer should budget for. The company has three models of a gaming chair. Apart from the SL2000 model, there are SL4000 and SL5000.

It has the most advanced features that make it suitable for playing compared to most of the gaming chairs. The manufacture understands what makes a gaming chair extraordinary, and that is why their first brand is one of a kind. Vertagear is one of the new companies in gaming chair manufacturing, and their market is already spreading through Europe and North America.

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The coating of the seat has PVC leather that gives the chair an executive exterior appearance and large casters to minimize friction on the seat.

Vertagear S-Line has a broader and taller backrest to support almost all body heights such that a 6 feet and 4 inches man has no problem using the chair.


feet and 4 inches man has no problem using the chair.

The backrest has a full-length reclining angle that extends up to 165 degrees.

It has a 4D armrest mechanism that allows rotation in four directions.

It has a frame made of carbon steel and a base made of aluminum resting on a class 4 KGS gas lift.

The recommended bodyweight it can support is huge that it can go up to 150kg.  


The cost is too expensive.

The warranty period is too short for a standard gaming chair like Vertagear S-L2000.  

7. Gamdias Multi-Color RGB Gaming Chair.

Gamdias is a Taiwanese company that recently ventured into the manufacturing of premium gaming chairs. It produces an entirely different but impressive chair that every gamer should try out. In terms of size, Gamdias Multi-Color is one of the most extensive gaming chair designs. Therefore it has a large backrest and a more extensive sitting surface.

One of the most sophisticated features in Gamdias Multi-Color that makes it a masterpiece is the RGB streaming lights. The integrated lumbar support is a remarkable feature that only exists in cozy car seats. Unlike other gaming chairs that have a lever at the base, the Hero has a knob on one of its side that controls the backrest adjustment.

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It has a Stylish vinyl leather coating decorated with diamond patterns of stitching. The stitching presents a fascinating look at the chair. Vinyl leather has fine air holes for proper air circulation in the seat.

Even with its limited chances of imperfection in its design and manufacture, there still some limitations within Gamdias Multi-Color.


Highly resistant to deformity due to the resilient foam padding.

It has customize-able RGB streaming lights to enhance its look.

The chair is capable of supporting a bodyweight of 440 pounds.

An adjustable backrest that also supplies enough support to body heights of up to 6 feet and 4 inches.

It has an adjustable 2D armrest with large pads and a reclination angle of 150 degrees.

It has a frame made of steel and also resistant to corrosion aluminum base.

The Gamdias Multi-Color has a Class 4 gas lift attached to a five-star base. 


For a high standard chair like Gamdias Multi-color, a two-year warranty is not fair.

The angle of recline, which is limited to 150 degrees, is too small compared to other gaming chairs of its standards.  


The gaming chairs discussed might be extremely expensive but worthy. If you want to forget budgeting for a gaming chair, they are your best shot and do not hesitate to choose one. Comfort is essential in playing video games, and these gaming chairs have an abundant supply of luxurious amenities. In choosing the best gaming chair for comfort-ability you should also look at the budget that you have to get the best out of the market.

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