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CPU is the heart of any gaming machine. The games these days are becoming more and more resource-intensive; so, you cannot choose any gaming processor. Without a powerful and fast CPU, you cannot create a gaming machine. That is why, when you are building a gaming machine, the first thing you need to choose is the best CPU for gaming. Fortunately, the number of gaming CPUs available is also increasing day by day. However, this choice is a double-edged sword as it can confuse while buying one.

The CPU is the part of the gaming machine which you will not replace every few months. That is why; you have to conduct your due diligence thoroughly before choosing. That is what we will help you with today. We will now share with you the 8 best gaming CPUs to help you pick the right one. Additionally, we will follow that up with a buying guide that can help you understand the parameters to check while choosing one. Without further delay, let us now delve into 8 best CPU for gaming machine.

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8 Best Gaming CPUs (2021 Update)

1.Intel Core i9-9900K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 5.0 GHz

The processor on top of our list consists of 8 cores along with inbuilt graphics card. It utilizes the solder thermal interface material, which means that heat dissipation is not a problem. Additionally, you can overclock the CPU to get optimum performance. The mix of these features has propelled it to the top of our list.

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8 cores:

With the help of 8 cores and 16 threads, multitasking with the help of this processor is easy. As a result, you can run even the resource-heavy games on your desktop machine smoothly. There will be no lag. With a maximum frequency of 5.0 GHz, you will be able to play the games with ease.
Inbuilt graphics card:

It incorporates the Intel UDH Graphics 630. The advantage of this Ultra HD graphics card is that it can process graphics quickly without any lag, even when you’re playing multiplayer games online. You will not have to buy an additional graphics card either.

Excellent heat dissipation:

Many gaming CPUs suffer from overheating problems. However, when you’re speaking about this processor, you will not have to worry about that. It consists of solder thermal interface material. The advantage of this material is, it can provide excellent heat dissipation without taking up any additional space in the processor. It facilitates proper heat transfer to ensure that even when you’re overclocking the CPU, the temperature will remain under control. As a result, lagging will not be a problem. This feature also increases the life span of the processor. 


Supports underclocking and overclocking

The maximum frequency is 3.0 GHz

Excellent heat dissipation

Consist of 8 cores

Inbuilt graphics card  


Might require tinkering BIOS settings.  

2. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Unlocked Desktop Processor

The USP of AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor is that it consists of 12 cores. Also, since these are multithreaded cores, it has 24 threads on offer. As a result, the processor can handle a variety of processes simultaneously. With the help of 100+ FPS compatibility, you can play fastest with the help of this processor. It also consists of a prism cooler, which means that the processor will remain within the operating temperature range. The prism cooler comes with LED support, which makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

With the help of 4.6 GHz frequency, it is pretty fast. It is unlocked, which means that you can easily overclock it for maximum optimization. With the help of 70 MB cache, it can handle heavy-duty games with ease. The combination of 12 cores and 100+ FPS makes it one of the best gaming processors you can buy. Its updated version is the Amd Ryzen 9 5900x.

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Consist of 12 cores:

The more the number of processor cores, the higher will be the processing power of any gaming processor. Since this one consist of 12 cores, it becomes easy for you to play the heaviest games with this processor. Moreover, it consists of 24 threads, which means that the processes will have little to no lag time. That is why; it is perfect for heavy-duty online gaming.

Incorporates a cooler:

While many of the other processors require external cooling mechanism, this one comes with a cooler. Hence, it will be easy for you to keep the processor within the operating temperature range. Irrespective of the games you are playing or the background processes which are running, you can use this processor without any lag.


This processor is unlocked. It means that the 4.6 GHz frequency can be increased further. It will allow you to extract maximum performance from the processor, which is a definite advantage.


Supports underclocking and overclocking


Frequency is 4.6 GHz

Consists of 12 cores

Comes with a cooler  


Integration problems with Ubuntu.  

3. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler

The USP of this processor is its Wraith Stealth Cooler. Due to this cooler, you can be sure that it will operate at a low temperature irrespective of the games that you are playing. Additionally, it consists of 6 cores and is compatible with most of the operating systems, which mean that you will not have to worry about installing it. 

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Wraith Stealth cooler:  

The Wraith Stealth Cooler has a dual purpose. It increases the efficiency of the thermal hardware and ensures that the processor is entirely silent in operation. The cooling fan keeps the temperature at the average operating level. It helps you ensure that there is no lag or overheating of the processor.

6 cores:

The processor consists of 6 cores along with 12 threads. The processor is unlocked, which means you can easily tweak the settings. Since it has excellent heat dissipation, overclocking will improve the performance of the processor. The maximum frequency range under normal conditions for this processor is 3.9 GHz. The unlocked nature of the processor coupled with 6 cores, can provide you with seamless gaming experience.

Compatible with most operating systems:  

The processor which we are highlighting now is compatible with Windows 10 64 bit, RHEL x86 64 bit, Ubuntu x86 64 bit. As a result, using the processor on virtually any kind of gaming machine is possible. You will not have to worry about installing a separate processing system to take advantage of this processor. That is why; the integration of this processor in the machine is quite easy. It is the main reason why it is in the top 3 on our list.


6 cores

Efficient heat dissipation mechanism

Excellent compatibility



The cooling fan is a bit noisy  

4. Intel Core i7-9700K Desktop Processor 8 Cores up to 4.9 GHz

The maximum frequency of 4.9 GHz and unlocked nature are the reasons why this gaming CPU is in the top 3 our list. It consists of 8 cores in total. With the help of UHD graphics card 630, it can provide you with a seamless experience. When you add to this, excellent heat dissipation capacity, it is not that difficult to understand why this processor is so popular among gamers. 

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High frequency:  

The processor has a maximum frequency of 4.9 GHz. It is unlocked, and hence, you can easily overclock it. Due to this reason, you can be sure that playing any resource-intensive game on a machine having this gaming CPU is not a problem. You will not suffer from lag or any other issues. Moreover, you can efficiently multitask on your computer when using this processor, which means that it is suitable for virtually any machine.

8 cores:

The processor consists of 8 cores along with 8 threads. The processing power which it offers is much better than some other gaming processors. Whether using it for playing the most resource-intensive games or tackling graphics and Photoshop, it is suitable for all applications. You will never lag when using this processor.

Excellent heat dissipation:

The Achilles heel for any gaming CPU is the temperature within which it can operate seamlessly. When speaking about this processor, you will not have to worry about that as well. It consists of Solder Thermal Interface Material. Rather than the standard solder material, the processor uses this specialized solder material. The advantage is that not only it provides seamless connectivity to the processor but ensures that heat dissipation is on the higher side.

It means that the temperature range of the processor is quite broad. You will not have to worry about any performance lag even on consistent use. It is one of the main advantages of this processor. 


Excellent heat dissipation

Consist of 8 cores

High-frequency range

Overclocking is possible  


Not all cores run at 4.9 GHz  

5. AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Processor with Wraith Spire Cooler

The unique feature of this processor with sets it apart is that the maximum temperature which it can handle is 95C. So, the lag in performance is not a problem. It consists of 6 cores and is unlocked. That is why overclocking it is entirely possible. Another feature which sets it apart is that it uses machine intelligence to accelerate the performance of the processor. It means over a while; the processor will become faster rather than slower. Both these features make it an excellent choice.

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High maximum temperature:

When you plan to buy a gaming CPU, you have to always look at the heat dissipation technology. It is because when you use the machine consistently, the temperature can rise pretty fast. When that happens, it can result in a lag in performance. While playing online games, a delay of split-second can put you at a disadvantage. However, with this high end CPU, you will not have to worry about the same. The maximum temperature which it can handle is 95C. It means that in addition to excellent heat dissipation capacity, it can control the high temperature. As a result, when you’re using it consistently, you will not have to worry about any lag.

Additionally, it consists of wraith spire cooler. With the extensive operating temperature range and excellent heat dissipation, you can be sure that the temperature will always remain under control. It increases the life span of the processor and also enables you to use the machine consistently.

6 cores:

The processor consists of 6 cores and 12 threads. It is unlocked. The overclocking means that you can easily optimize the performance of the processor. The frequency which it has on offer is 4.2 GHz. You can overclock it to increase the performance and play some most resource-intensive games on offer.

Machine Learning:  

The CPU uses machine intelligence. This technology aims to enhance the loading time and booting times. Also, file accessibility gets improved due to this technology. It means that the more you use the processor, the efficient it becomes. You will not have to worry about the machine slowing down with time. It is a feature which makes it a great option.


Utilizes machine intelligence technology

6 cores on offer

Overclocking is possible

High maximum temperature.  


Mounting it on the motherboard is time-consuming.  

6. DAMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-core, 16-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

The capacity of the AMD Ryzen 7 3700x processor to deliver 100+ FPS means that it is one of the best options for desktop PCs. It can easily handle Ultra HD games with a high frame rate. It consists of 8 cores with 16 processing threads, which makes it easy to run any game on it. With the help of Wraith Prism Cooler, the temperature can stay within the operating range. It will allow you to use the machine for a long time. The frequency of the CPU is 4.4 GHz, and it also supports overclocking due to its unlocked nature. It essentially means that all the features which you might look for in a gaming CPU are present in this one.

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Can deliver 100+ FPS:

Nowadays, online games are pretty fast. Ther are multiple players playing simultaneously from all over the world; things can happen pretty quickly. It also means that the frame rate of the game is on the higher side. If you choose the older gaming CPUs, you will not get high frame delivery rate. On the other hand, when selecting this processor, it can provide you with 100+ FPS at ultrafast speed. It means that irrespective of whether you’re playing a solo game or online one, you can easily play the game without any lag.

Eight cores:

With the help of 8 cores, multitasking is not a problem. It consists of 16 processing threads which ensure that you can keep the software and web browsers running in the background without any lag in performance. It also includes a cooler which helps the processor in operating it the optimum level.

Optimization options:  

The frequency of the processor is 4.4 GHz. However, it has an unlock procedure. During this feature, you can easily overclock it as well. The advantage of overclocking is that you can extract additional performance from the CPU which can provide you with an edge. It will mean that you can enjoy a superior gaming experience when compared to its peers.


Consist of 8 cores

Can deliver 100+ FPS

Allows you to optimize the performance

Consist of a cooler  


Might require operating system reinstall for seamless integration  

7. Intel Core i5-9600K Desktop Processor 6 Cores up to 4.6 GHz Turbo

With a frequency of 4.60 GHz, you can smoothly run the resource-intensive games. It is unlocked, which means that you can overclock it as per your requirement. The Intel Core i5 processor comes with the inbuilt Ultra HD graphics card. The Intel UHD Graphics 630 can support most of the modern-day games, which means that you need not worry about installing another one. With the help of 6 cores and 6 threads, the processing capacity of this CPU is quite high. A distinctive feature of this processor is the Turbo Boost 2.0 technology. It automatically accelerates the frequency to 4.6 GHz when you need it. With the help of solder thermal interface material, the heat dissipation is on the higher side. The turbo boost 2.0 technology certainly provides it with an edge. The latest version Intel core i5 10600k is the best choice for overclocking.

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High-frequency range:

The processor can support 4.6 GHz frequency. Also, as it is unlocked, you can overclock it as well. The advantage of this processor is that it uses the turbo boost 2.0 technology. So, even if you do not overclock it, the processor senses that you need better performance and adjusts the frequency on its own. It will help you get optimum performance. It requires no human intervention to enhance its performance. That is why, even if you’re not that geeky, you can get maximum performance from this CPU.

Inbuilt graphics card:

It consists of a UHD inbuilt the graphics card. The Intel UHD 630 supports most games. It means that if you do not want to install an additional graphics card, you can easily play your favorite games. As a result, it provides excellent value for money as well.

Heavy-duty processor:  

The performance of the CPU enhances due to 6 cores and 6 threads it has on offer. Multitasking will not be a problem when using this gaming CPU. Additionally, as it uses the solder thermal interface material, you will not have to worry about heat dissipation. It consistently dissipates the heat, so, keeping the processor within the operating range is not a problem. You will not have to undertake any special measures for the same. That is what makes this processor so much better.


Inbuilt graphics card

Excellent heat dissipation

Supports overclocking

Turbo boost 2.0 technology  


The packaging requires improvement.  

8. Intel Core i9-7900X X-Series Processor 10 Cores up to 4.3 GHz Turbo Unlocked

The intel core i9 10900k processor we are discussing now has 10 cores which certainly provide it with an advantage. Additionally, it is unlocked and has a frequency of 4.3 GHz. With the help of Quad memory channels, you can be sure that the multitasking capacity and the speed of this gaming CPU is higher than many others. It uses the high end turbo boost technology 2.0 which means that it is easy to extract the maximum performance from the CPU. A large number of cores certainly works in its favor.

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10 cores:

Generally speaking, the higher the number of cores, the higher will be the number of threads. When these two counts are higher, you can be sure that extensive parallel processing can take place. Since; the games, these days are resource-intensive, such parallel processing can come in pretty handy. With this processor, you have on offer 10 cores and 20 threads. Multitasking is a cinch with the help of this processor. You can additionally even live stream your game in UHD quality without any lags.


The high speed of this gaming CPU is primarily due to two specifications. The first one is that it has a maximum frequency of 4.3 GHz. It supports overclocking, which means that you can easily make it operate at the most optimum level.

Secondly, it uses quad memory channels. The advantage is that multitasking is possible, and there will be no lag in the speed of the CPU. As a result, you can run the CPU at the highest thresholds without any problem.

Turbo boost technology 2.0:  

Even if you do not want to overclock the gaming CPU, with the help of turbo boost technology 2.0, it will perform at the highest frequency when required. This technology aims to increase the frequency whenever the game or any other software activity demands it. You will not have to do so actively. It will monitor the resources being consumed and automatically increase the frequency.


Unlocked gaming CPU

Quad memory channels

Turbo boost 2.0 technology

10 cores on offer  


Heat dissipation could have been better  

When it comes to deciding the best gaming CPUs, undoubtedly, you should choose between these seven. All of these can provide you with superior performance. There is no need to compare the numerous options available. Before selecting the gaming CPU; however, you can go through my buying guide below to better understand how to make the right buying decision.

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Criteria to choose the best gaming CPU:

There are a few parameters on which you should compare the gaming CPUs. When you do so, it is easy to choose the right one. These parameters include:


Generally speaking, the more the number of cores, the higher will be the threads. You should ensure that the gaming CPU which you are buying has at least 6 cores and 6 threads. You need to keep in mind that as the number of cores increase, the amount of RAM which you will need in your gaming machine will also increase drastically. That is why you have to decide the number of cores which you need and then make your decision.


Many gamers prefer to optimize the performance of their gaming CPU. That can happen only when the CPU is unlocked. These days, most of the new CPUs on offer are unlocked and therefore overclocking is possible. However, it is better to always check this feature before buying. You should only buy the gaming CPU when it is unlocked.

Temperature range:

Gaming CPUs can heat up quite quickly due to their resource-intensive nature. However, when the operating temperature range is on the higher side, there is no lag in performance. Another alternative to this problem is that the gaming CPU should have excellent heat dissipation capacity. When either of these two features is present, you can be sure that you can enjoy your gaming experience without worrying about the temperature of the CPU.


You have to always take into account the maximum frequency at which the gaming CPU can operate. Even though overclocking can help you increase this frequency, but it is still better to buy one which can operate at high frequency without any optimization. With a high maximum operating frequency, there is no human intervention required.

These are the four criteria which you should use to choose the best gaming CPU. We will now proceed to answer some FAQs which will help you understand more about these gaming CPUs.


Is it better to have more cores for gaming?

Yes, having more cores can benefit the performance of the CPU for gaming. However, it can increase the resources which you require on your machine. That is why; it is better to go with more cores when you have large RAM and hard disk on your computer.

Do you need a good CPU for gaming?

A good CPU is essential for gaming. Without it, you cannot process all the details of the game, and there will be a lag. On the other hand, when going for a heavy-duty gaming CPU, you can be sure that parallel processing capability will be available. It will also ensure that even the ultra-HD graphics can be processed quickly. The frame rate which it can deliver will also be on the higher side. That is why it is a necessity.

So, when you’re looking for the best CPU for gaming, these are the 8 options which you should consider. We have taken into account various specifications while grading these gaming CPUs. Only after careful consideration and deliberation, we have compiled this list of the 8 best gaming CPUs on offer. When you choose from this list, not only you will save hours on research, but also you can get the best gaming CPUs on offer.

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